Relational Outreach Ministry

Relational Outreach Ministry

Growing As People - Building Bridges for Families (BBF)

It is difficult to love people you don’t know.

BBF seeks to build bridges between families to cultivate friendship and support. BBF partners select families in need with Christian community groups for three months. The focus is on moral and spiritual development, not financial support. Small groups will meet BBF families and get to know them through fellowship, meals, prayer, and events.

Our goal is to bring people around families who need a helping hand to love them, pray for them, and disciple them. BBF breaks down cultural barriers and builds guiding friendships as both partner groups learn from each other.

The program builds on the sharing and caring Jesus modeled for us, but that we find so hard to do. The BBF program makes it easier for small groups to pour into others.

Wrap Around Care

ABB works with local churches to provide ongoing wrap-around care for individuals and families in need through a spiritual foundation. The guide to independence is helping people understand and use the many gifts that God has provided.

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